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AC’s Octonauts themed 4th birthday party!

I won’t lie… when AC told me he wanted to have an Octonauts themed birthday this year, I got super excited. Have you seen how cute they are?? Last year he chose a Thomas themed birthday and while I understand the appeal for kids, I wasn’t that much of a fan.

Anyway, I was extremely pleased with the results (and got AC’s seal of approval) and the best part is, something wonderful happened along the way. I’ll share that in the coming weeks. All I can say is, it’s very exciting 🙂

The party:
A 4Cats paint splatter party (if you’re not familiar with this place, you should be – I can’t imagine anyone NOT loving everything about it)

The favors: 
I packed some Octogoodies for the kids (a coloring page and activity sheet) along with a mini canvas, paint brush and 3 paint colors to keep with the art party theme

The dessert:
Martha’s pastel layer cake in different shades of blues & AMAZING chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes from Annie’s eats – cake and cupcake toppers made by yours truly 🙂