100 days

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been lamenting to my endocrinologists and doctors about my persistent hypothyroid symptoms despite my being on synthroid and supposedly regulated. I’m 37 now so the blame for my symptoms has been transferred to my age. I used to be told I most likely wasn’t following a proper diet (although I spent a totality of 3 to 4 years followed by nutritionists).

I’ve also been mostly active (with a few breaks here and there do to life overload) over the last 10 or so years. At times I’ve been a bit leaner and at others I’ve gotten stronger but never have I gotten lighter. By lighter I mean that my legs don’t feel like they’re weighing me down. This past year after several months of both bootcamp and boxing courses, this became more obvious than ever. It almost felt like I was getting in worse shape the more time passed. By this point though, I’d become resigned to living with my symptoms.

This past January my friend introduced me to Dr. Berg whom he said has been life changing for him. He has been following a ketogenic diet and experiencing amazing results. I’m not one to do much reading so rather than investigate this myself, I simply asked him about the diet and tried it out for 6 weeks. It didn’t work. I did however sign up to Dr. Berg’s newsletter and last week he sent something that led me back to his videos. His approach is based on 4 body types, one of them being thyroid (for which ketogenic is not the recommended approach). So without further ado, based on his guidelines and wikihow’s tips on how to lower estrogen (yes, I wikihow’d it) here’s what I’ll be attempting over the next 100 days… Btw, the lowering estrogen thing is based on this Dr. Berg video and crazy enough, the symptoms practically mirror those of hypothyroidism.

Diet guidelines:

7 cups of vegetables a day
Low fat
Low protein (3 oz per meal)
Add flax seed
Eat more mushrooms, pomegranates
Consume less or avoid alcohol
Limit dairy (stick to yogurt)
Avoid caffeine
Avoid junk food
Addition of sea kelp, folic acid, super B complex, omega 3 and probiotic supplements
*note: if not taking the sea kelp then avoid cruciferous vegetables 

Focus on: 
Light activities like yoga, walking, swimming, cycling
Getting plenty of sleep
Drinking filtered water
Stressing less – daily meditation

What will be different from previous attempts: adding the supplements, flax seed, limiting dairy, avoiding caffeine, sticking to light activities, getting a water filtration system, awareness towards stress reduction.

Daily goals:
Take my supplements
Drink a glass of lemon water


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